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Air Ambulance Services in Pune

We provide air ambulance services in Pune through a central service. The air ambulance service company exists for 24 hours for quick transfer of patients from their homes and to transfer the victims of the accident from anywhere to anywhere.

Air Ambulance Service is used to transfer patients from distant places to the city's hospitals. The service company has a large team of doctors and paramedics to move patients. Like aircraft, patients are properly cared for in trains. Ground ambulance staff is kept ready to be transported from airports and railway stations to nearby hospitals.

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Air Ambulance Service in Pune

Features of Our Life Jet Air Ambulance Service:-

It is the only company to provide comprehensive service to national and international destinations with its vehicles and airplanes. In addition, it has the largest and most experienced team of paramedics and MD doctors trained to work with high-end medical devices.

  • Transfer of patients via the fastest transport
  • Escort service by quality trained professionals
  • Use of medical devices for life-saving
  • Quick 24 Hour Medical Services
  • Reliable ground support for patients
  • Cost-effective without any extra hidden charges
  • Service available by professional team for all requirements
  • We work for all income groups

Of all this service, we provide the best air ambulance service in Pune and special cities.

Our skilled and qualified doctor is always there for you:

Any ambulance service is managed and operated by a team of very senior and experienced doctors and paramedics. We understand the value of the latest technology in saving lives and for this reason, we rely only on the knowledge and work-experience of medical experts to use the latest equipment.

Life jet air ambulances are far ahead than others and our popularity is also high in many cities. Along with the ambulance service, we also have the facility of the best medical facility.

Why choose Air Ambulance Service by Life Jet:-

There is a reason to choose our air ambulance services in Pune. Services provided include air, rail and road ambulances with basic life support and advanced life support. And we take reasonable prices from our customers and understand the importance of time.

In addition it uses the latest and higher medical team and assistive devices such as commercial stretchers and wheelchairs. It is dedicated to making ambulances accessible to people from all walks of life.

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